Wednesday, July 23, 2014

50K FUN – Glow in the dark race shirts

In all of my training, my goals remain the same – get stronger, faster, and be able to run farther. However, my sister, Denise, and many other running friends have reminded me to RUN HAPPY! As well, my favorite shoe manufacturer, Brooks, has probably mentioned that as well. :)

This was the year that I was going to jump from the 25K to the 50K for El Scorcho! It’s pretty easy to keep track of 5 – 5K loops, but 10 was going to need to be creative.


20140712_150651One thing I wanted to do was to have FUN during this race.  I knew that it was going to be a tough one.  As I was running those long summer training run I thought a lot about how to make the race fun.  I kept thinking about how to count down the laps.  I thought Sharpie hash marks on my arm could work, but I wanted something a bit more FUN! 

After running 18 miles a round a high school track for Relay for Life it dawned on me of how much I loved changing into a dry shirt.  I then figured I’d change my shirt with every lap.  Every shirt would have the number of laps that I’d have to go.  So, I’d start with 10, then 9, duck tape8, 7… until I got to 1.  I used Glow in the Dark Duck Tape that I bought at Walmart.  I had the number on the front and back of the shirt.  I wanted to be seen coming and going.  In all, it took 4 and a half rolls of tape.  The Glow in the Dark tape does not come as the usual 20 yards, but a shortened 10 feet.  It was kind of costly to do this art project, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Up above and below are the shirts as I laid them out before heading to Fort Worth. I placed them on the dining room chairs to get them to charge up.


During the race in the darker parts of the course, I looked down to see if I could see the number on my shirt.  I could definitely see it glowing.  I’m wondering if others noticed it and noticed the countdown.  If you saw me and the numbered shirts, let me.

There were a couple of women near the finish line that hollered at me, “Go number 10”, then at the next loop, “Go number 9”. I had to told them about counting down the laps.  They caught on and starting yelling out how many laps that I had to go.  They must’ve been running the 25K because I didn’t see them anymore with half of the laps to go.

Thanks to my family, they always had the next shirt ready to go.  I never had to dig it out or find it.  It was funny at one point when my wife told me that she couldn’t find shirt #3. I told her exactly which shirt it was, color and cut… and she was able to find it.  I think I was looking forward toward each shirt more than anything.  The luxury of a dry shirt is incredible!

Race Photos

There aren’t too many races where I purchase the race photos, but I had to for this race for a couple of reasons.  1) 10 Wardrobe changes! 2) the finish with my daughter 3)  and 36 photos which came out to a reasonable price for the medium resolution download.

0089 Shirt 10 – Lap 1
Miles 0 – 3.1


Shirt 9 – Lap 2
Miles 3.1 – 6.2

8-2 Shirt 8 – Lap 3
Miles 6.2 – 9.3

7-5 Shirt 7 – Lap 4
Miles 9.3 – 12.4

6-4Shirt 6 – Lap 5
Miles 12.4 – 15.5

5-2Shirt 5 – Lap 6
Miles 15.5 – 18.6

4-1-cropped Shirt 4 – Lap 7
Miles 18.6 – 21.7

Shirt 3 – Lap 8
Miles 21.7 – 24.8

2-2 Shirt 2 – Lap 9
Miles 24.8 – 27.9

1-3Shirt 1 – Lap 10
Miles 27.9 – 31 FINISH

Get stronger, faster, and be able to run farther… and RUN HAPPY!

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Corina Cervantes said...

I LOVE THIS SO HARD!! I hated to miss it this year and we will be back next year! How fun!!