Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marathons are Addictive! @OKCMarathon

1968-132014 Creative_4 I’ve been enjoying the last couple of weeks as my running has become more natural after being laid off from running for 5 weeks. I’ve only been training for the last 6 weeks, but feel that I can knock out a marathon before the summer months. I know that it won’t be an optimal race, but I’m really itching for a big race.

I’ve signed up for the Oklahoma City Marathon which is on April 27th. It’s just a little over 17 days to go before the race gets here. I ran the Half Marathon there a couple of times back in 2009 & 2010. I definitely enjoyed the race environment back then.

The run that pushed me over the top of going to OKC was my destination run to my in-laws. They moved here last summer and I always knew that I was going to run to their house. I’ve been scoping out safe routes to their house for quite awhile.  The route from Frisco to Lucas is 18 miles long with the last 3 miles being the worse.  The bad things about those 3 miles is that there are no sidewalks, a very narrow shoulder on the road, 50mph speed limit, blind spots, and there’s no other road to their house.  Even though the last part of the route was a challenge, the windy rainy conditions posed to be quite the pain. I almost stopped at mile 10 as the rain really came down. I’m glad that I didn’t stop.  It was awesome to get the finish line of my in-laws house. Below is a little recap of the run from Strava.

Looking forward to my 13th marathon experience up in Oklahoma in two and a half weeks.

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