Sunday, December 29, 2013

Running on Water

20131216_173659 For the first time in quite awhile, my family and I went on a vacation by ourselves. The week before Christmas we went on a cruise with Carnival. It was one of the best vacation experiences that I’ve had besides going to London with my wife many years ago. I would definitely go on a cruise again. It’s a wonderful way to be pampered!  Yes, we took a selfie minutes after we got on the ship!

I could write several blog posts on how great the food was, the service, and the excursions, but, of course I’ll talk about running. I find release, adventure, and great enjoyment from running.

gulfofmexico While at sea, I thought I’d hit the running track on the top level of the ship.  11 laps equaled a mile so it was definitely going to be fun counting them off.  My GPS watch was doing its thing and measuring the speed of the ship. It was so fun to look down on my watch to see that I was rocking a 3:08/mile. :) Uhhhhh… not even in my dreams!

dailymilegps I thought that I’d see a bunch of circles overlapping in the Gulf of Mexico for my running route, but it came up as a staggered line. It alternated for every time that I lapped the ship. I ran 3 actual miles, but for every mile that I ran, the ship cruised 3 miles. So, as a result, my Garmin GPS watch showed that I ran 9 miles. I corrected the distance in DailyMile.  :)

progreso-mapmyrunI was looking forward to running while we landed on shore, but found out that it was highly discouraged.  In Progreso, MX, there was a 4 mile pier that I thought would be perfect to run. Before travelling on the trip I even found a MapMyRun route for the pier so I thought I’d be in luck.  However, there was definitely not enough room on that pier to run safely. I was kind of bummed about not being able to run while on shore, but enjoyed some great family time.

I did run 4 miles on the dreadmill in the ship’s gym. But, it’s never been fun for me. I always start out at a comfortable pace and then increase the pace for each mile since I’m so ready to be done. It was a unique experience when the ship rocked a little bit and you had to adjust on the treadmill.

While I didn’t get to run on land, I still made the best of what I could do.  I’m looking forward to running in the Houston Marathon in 3 weeks.

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