Monday, July 8, 2013

From Active to GameStop

20130624_130105 I’ve been quiet on here since the Cleveland Marathon, but I’ve definitely been busy.  I’ve had a change of scenery.  After nearly 8 years of working at Fellowship Technologies/Active Network, I’ve moved onto GameStop corporate.  This was definitely a huge decision that I didn’t take lightly, but after 3 full weeks at GameStop, I’m glad that I made the decision.  Sometimes you get so comfortable in where you’re at that you don’t think that you can make a change or move somewhere else.

My position is nearly the same without the Product Owner responsibilities.  My job title is Sr. Business Analyst.  I get to work with a lot of smart people in delivering the best solution to our customers.  My job is essentially to write the requirements that captures the essence of what the business represents.  A fun part of my job is to be a Scrum enthusiast.  Now, who cannot get excited about Scrum?  :)

Cairo has been pretty pumped that I’m working there now.  I think I’m back on the cool dad list again.  :)  I’ve been texting him a picture a day from throughout the offices.  Below are some of the pictures that I’ve sent him…

20130617_093457 20130618_104405 20130619_143431 20130620_083517 20130620_131028 20130620_164654 20130621_070948 20130621_070958 20130625_153026 20130626_090208 20130628_150613 20130701_063237 20130701_063305 20130702_142752 20130702_155206 20130703_105930

Yep, I’ve still been running!  I’ve been keeping up my miles in anticipation of running El Scorcho in a couple of weeks.  25K at midnight in the middle of summer in Texas is a blast!  This will be my 3rd year running this race.  It’s fun in a weird way!