Monday, May 13, 2013

What goes through my head before running a Marathon?

So, it’s marathon week again!  :)  It’s been a few weeks since running the Eugene Marathon and I’m ready to rock the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon with my 17 year old son, Cairo.  This will be his first marathon.  I’m so excited for him!  Besides all of my normal excitement, I’m on overload with what the marathon experience will be for him.

I have so many things going on in my head the week/days leading up to a marathon.  I’m so darn excited, it’s hard to hide it physically.  I’m just all over the place with my thoughts… Did I train well enough? Did I taper well enough? Should I have started carb-loading a couple of weeks ago?  SQUIRREL!  You get the idea.

If someone could peek into my head the days leading up to a marathon, they would see something like this video:

With that being said… I try really hard to relax!  How do I relax?  Make checklists and check off the items that I’m concerned about.  Travelling pack list, race outfit check list, race plan check list, and check lists for my check lists!

My sister seems to think that I’m over the top with some of the things I do, but it’s all about my process.  I’ll relax after the race!  :)

If you’ve got a hyperactive brain like I do… try to relax and let things happen.  Enjoy the marathon experience!  You’ve worked hard for it and now it’s time to reap the benefits of all of the disciplined training!

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