Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Inspirational Running Videos

So, I was thinking the other day what my life would be without running!?!  Scary thinking for me!  I’d be unhealthier, have less friends, lower self-esteem, and I wouldn’t be able to do cool things.  Cool things like being a part of a video for our company customer conference.

I cannot believe that it’s been a year since these videos were created and used. I was meaning to blog about them, but never did.  It was super cool to be a part of the video process.  The videos might’ve only lasted a few minutes, but the whole process was a day and a half of running and going to the different shooting locations.

I especially loved the second day as my daughter tagged along.  She actually drove the car for awhile as the video dude hung out the window videotaping me.  It was a great bonding time with her.

This inspirational video was one of the video openers for the daily sessions.  It was so weird watching it with all the conference attendees.  Check out the DC12 Opener Video.


There was a second video done for the our road show conferences which are our mini-conferences done throughout the country.  Check out the DC Roadshow Video.

If I didn’t run, I wouldn’t have been asked to do these videos.  I wouldn’t have experienced such a cool process.  I wouldn’t have made so many friends.  I wouldn’t have higher self-esteem.  I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am.  There are countless positives to running.  I’m so glad that I took that first step and that it has become an incredibly satisfying part of my life!

Looking forward to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon to add to my experiences – the Cleveland Experience is going to rock this year!

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