Friday, April 26, 2013

Stalk Me at the Eugene Marathon

2114_57558283827_3951_nIn less than a couple of days I’ll be running my tenth marathon.  So, why the Eugene Marathon?  My great running friend, Felix wanted to run this one, so I had to say, YES!  It’s going to a fun race weekend!  As well, it’ll be a little different as I won’t have any family members around.  I’m missing them already, but there will be a heightened focus on the race.

The Eugene Marathon seems to have all of the bases covered in tracking runners during the race.  Check them out below.

Online: Your fans can track you through the Eugene Marathon home page on race day.  Just follow the "Track a Runner" link (only available on race day) to find live, race split updates.

Text/Facebook/Twitter:  You can sign up to have split updates posted to your FB/Twitter accounts.  Set up your accounts through ChronoTrack Live. >>Click Here

Live Finish Line Video:  Tell your distant fans your approximate finish time and they can watch you finish!  Access to the live finish line video from our home page (only available on race day).

As well, I’m planning on using RunKeeper during the race so that I can be tracked throughout the race.  I will have RunKeeper Live enabled and you should see the link on Twitter, my FaceBook page, or on my RunKeeper Profile page immediately after the race starts.

My bib number is 2925 and Felix’s bib number is 2581.  With both of us having my daughter’s favorite number 25 in our bib number, it’s going to be an awesome race!

So… what’s my goal?  My Marathon PR is 3:58.  I’m planning to shoot for 3:45 which is an overall pace of 8:35.  My training has been great and I feel strong.  This goal still scares me, but I guess it should.


LifeisaRun said...

Have a great race this weekend, Mark! We're sending speedy vibes your way! =)

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