Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Say My Name, Say My Name!

Marathon 033Everyone loves to hear their name!  A song by Destiny’s Child even proves it – Say My Name!  This is especially true when you’re pushing through a marathon or anything challenging.  I never competed in team sports except for bowling, but we won’t count that one.  One of the super cool parts of running a marathon are the cheers from the spectators.  Most are there cheering for their family and friends, but if they see your name, they will definitely yell it!  The adrenaline boost is so worth it!  I actually get goose bumps sometimes when I get cheered on at a race.  Yep, I like to experience it all!

Denise Marathon Pictures 257There’s nothing like hearing your name when you’re getting drained of energy and toppled with soreness.  I wore my name on my shirt during my first marathon in 2009.  It was a very special marathon.  Your first will always be special!  It’s always cool when I hear my name at races from friends and family, but as well when spectators read it on my race bib.

If it’s your first marathon or you need that extra push during a race, get your name on your shirt in a big font.  I went to a local team sports store and had them put it on one of my shirts.  Hearing your name will add to the whole race experience!

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