Thursday, April 18, 2013

Running With Smiley Faces!

Let’s face it, marathon training is a lot of hard work!  It takes consistency and commitment to achieve that 26.2 goal!  However, there’s FUN to be had when running.  Embrace your inner-kid and have fun!  I’m 46, but I like to act 16 when I get a chance.  Running allows that for more. 

I like being goofy and making others smile!  I don’t remember how it started, but I thought it’d be funny if I drew smiley faces on my calves with a Sharpie.  It always gets a laugh when running in races.  If I made at least one person smile or laugh during a race – mission accomplished!  I usually always get comments that people like my smiley faces.


Pics of my smiley faces!

During one sweltering hot Texas race, one of my friends yelled out that my smiley faces turned into frowns because it was so hot.  I also got some laughs when I forgot about my smiley faces while shopping at a Walmart after a race.

2012-04-07 09.29.472012-04-07 09.29.16

My son, Cairo, pointing out my smiley faces!

Do something fun!  Be a kid at a race!  You’re allowed!

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