Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter Marathon Training in Texas

image-croppedCairo, my 17 year old son, and I have been enjoying our marathon training in the Texas winter thus far.  Cairo is really amped up as he prepares for his first marathon which will be run in my hometown at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  We’ve definitely have had warmer weather than probably the majority of runners that are training for the Cleveland Marathon.

To the right is a picture of us with our Cleveland Marathon training shirts.  This picture was at Saturday’s local 10K race.  It was downright freezing… yep, it was below 32.  It was one of the few times that we got to wear our running pants.  I had to dust them off!

For the majority of the training days we’ve run in shorts and possibly a single layer or multiple layers up top.  Our local group runs are usually at 7am, but a few times, if it’s “too cold” for us, we might wait a few hours to let it warm up 20 degrees or so.  It’s nice to have the option of fairer weather running.

Truth be told, I have my highest mileage months during the winter.  My highest ever monthly mileage was in January with 156 miles.  I told my Cleveland area running sister about this and she told me she was mileage-envious.  The opposite will be true for the summer months… lowest mileage months.

We’ve had a pretty mild winter with very few days under freezing and only a couple of snow days.  One of the snow days was actually on Christmas.  Check me out as I took my dog for a snow run!

We’re a complete opposite in the summer as we try to stay hydrated and get the miles in.  It’s pretty darn hard to train for early fall marathons living here in Texas.  If we’re going to race in a marathon in September, there’ll be some brutal long runs in July and August.  In the summer, I’m known for starting my long runs at 4:30am or 5:00am to beat the sun!

Just thought you’d like a glimpse into Texas Winter Marathon Training.  Check back in July/August when I’m dying from the heat.

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