Monday, February 11, 2013


I have a guy in my carpool that just might… just might overuse the word, Unbelievable.  You’ll mention running 10, 18, or 22 miles as a training run and his response will be – “Unbelievable!”  I used to be that guy years ago!  I used to think that what others were doing was unbelievable.  Heck, I still do it when I think of people training for 50 or 100 mile races.  Congrats to all of the runners that just ran the Rocky Raccoon in Huntsville, TX!

Even watching last year’s summer Olympics, my wife would say what the athletes were doing was unbelievable.  I don’t think that anymore.  We put self-imposed limitations on what we think is achievable.  We need to create achievable milestones and get to the unbelievable.

May will mark my 5th year anniversary for running my first race; a 5K.  Before I ran a 5K, I thought it was unbelievable. Since then, I ran 75 races which include 20 Half Marathons and 9 Marathons.  The distances and new PR times were all at one time thought to be unbelievable.  Doing the unbelievable is what has kept me running!

Running 011It’s incredible to look back at the days when there were a lot of unbelievable feats in front of me.  One of the reasons that I blog is to be able to look back at my journey.  We all have our aging memories to recall key moments, but it’s another thing to be able to relive them through your diary (blog).  Here’s a picture of me running my very first 5K back in 2008 and the blog post that describes completing it.

As you set out for your training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon know that the goal that you have in mind is not impossible and not unbelievable. Prior to your training, it probably seems out of reach, but as long as you put your heart into a well thought out training plan – you CAN definitely succeed!

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