Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marathon Week - Thursday Pictures - Sir Felix

There has been a crazy constant in my running life… that has been my great friend, Felix.  We met when we both signed up for the Dallas Running Club Marathon Training Group in the fall of 2009.  It’s been non-stop fun since then.

Finding a running friend that you can really run with, is somewhat a challenge.  You need someone with the same speed, tenacity, sense of humor, patience, and goals.  It’s a good thing that our main goal was to always have fun.

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Early days – first DRC race and first Marathon!


Yep, we were extras on the Biggest Loser!

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Felix has taught me to Gig ‘em over the last few years!

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Plenty of pre and post race photos.


We talked each other into a lot… running in skirts and El Scorcho!

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We’ve been known to knock each other out!


Crazy thing is… he now works with me at Active Network!

Just to think… if I would have kept my butt on the couch, I would’ve missed out on one hell of an awesome relationship!  Running has too many benefits to pass up… GO RUN!

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