Friday, December 7, 2012

Marathon Week - Friday Pictures - FRUNNERS

Frunners is a fun word to say… it simply means running friends.  I just love frunners!  These people inspire me, motivate me, make me laugh, keep me in line, and are just so cool to have in my life!


Long time frunners from the 2009 DRC Marathon Training Group – Felix, Aaron, & Amy. At the recent DRC Half Marathon, we reminisced over all of the stories from the training.

IMG_18732010-04-24 16.12.22

One of my first runner friends through Twitter was Corina.  She’s an Ultra Superstar that I haven’t seen for quite awhile.  Our races and lives haven’t crossed paths for awhile.

SAMSUNG            2012-04-07 10.48.23

Who cannot love TEAM K!  Michelle and Erik K are the perfect training partners!  I love seeing them at races and following their escapades.  It also helps when your frunners are foodies!  If you’re running the Dallas Marathon on Sunday, you just might see Erik at mile 19.  He volunteers his time to entertain us runners as one of the Dollies!  Don’t know who the Dollies are… you’ll find out!  :)

SAMSUNG            20121104_072023

Sometimes running friends are there to help you get over what could have been.  I wanted to do well in the 2011 Dallas White Rock Marathon, but the weather just wasn’t the best.  The above picture on the left is a group of us a week later running a loop at White Rock Lake.  I loved that morning so much!

DRC Frigid 10K Race 0012011-05-14 07.47.40

Chris, co-worker, car pool buddy, and an awesome friend has always been a huge support and inspiration to me.  If you want to know the definition of a great Godly father – Chris is it!  He balances his family with work and fun while always maintaining his priorities.  I admire this guy immensely!


Sometimes frunners are there to push you to finish. Here’s Chris and Felix helping me finish a DRC 10K after Chris’ 5K.  I was not having a good time at this race!


2010-08-06 19.10.352011-01-08 09.50.58_Dallas_Texas_US2010-11-07 07.19.06IMGP1430

2011-01-01 10.36.29_Allen_Texas_US2012-05-05 07.46.25

Countless Pre and Post Race photos with all of the frunners that I’ve met through running.  I love seeing them at races.  So many great running experiences!

2010-10-02 09.32.252012-05-28 07.26.08

Mark O. seems to be at every race.  Here are the couple of pictures that I found of him with his shirt on.  :)  Mark is a speedy guy that takes pictures of just about every runner out there.  He makes countless friends no matter their ability… they’re all frunners!

IMAG11482012-03-25 07.08.082012-08-04 10.37.13

One of my biggest drivers to running success over the last couple of years has been Hamlin.  He’s been pushing me and encouraging me.  I credit the Frisco Running Club to getting me to my Sub 4-Hour Marathon time.


Elaine has been a huge inspiration.  When I think that I’m doing too much, I just look at her DailyMile activity and see what a slacker that I am.

I’m sure that I’m missing someone, but please know that I cherish our relationship!  You’ll be in the next blog post!


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I freaking luv that pic of u and ur friend running by the lake. Blue bib, #56, u in black. U are so focused and killing it! I'm so proud to be ur FRUNNER!