Friday, September 21, 2012

Running on the Cheap!

I’ve always heard that running is cheap.  You just throw on some shorts, shirt, and running shoes and get out the door for a run.  Well, the more miles that you run, the more costly that it gets.

It seems like the norm for how long a pair of running shoes to last is around 300-500 miles.  I usually run about 100 miles per month.  When I’m at the peak of marathon training the miles are even more.  I’m going to share how I save money on purchasing running shoes.

My running shoes of choice are Brooks Ravenna 3.  I love the weight and feel of them.  I haven’t had any blisters with them or any troubles.  At $100 a pair, it can get costly to keep buying them at retail every 3 months.  At least more than what I want to pay each time.

That’s where eBay comes into play.  Please don’t get me wrong, I love the local running stores, but I love my money more.  I bought my first pair of Brooks Ravenna shoes from the running store at retail.  They did the fitting and evaluation of my feet, so I paid my dues.

The thing with running shoes is that you keep the same running shoes, the brand and model, as long as they’re working for you. 

ravenna-ebayFirst, search for the shoes that you want on eBay.  In my case, I put “brooks ravenna” in the search box.  It returned 130 results.  Next, choose Men’s Shoes or Women’s Shoes.  After choosing Men’s Shoes, I had 68 results.  Now on the left, select your shoe size.  After selecting my shoe size, I now have 5 results.

At this point you might have found the exact pair that you need… awesome!  But wait, there’s more.  We need to save this search.  This is the key step.  In the top left where it shows your search results, click on the Save search link.  This will save this exact search criteria and will email you when new shoes are posted. 

I’ve bought several new shoes for as much as half off or more!  The cheapest that I purchased was for $35 with free shipping.  The shoes are usually new shoes that have minimal miles on them.  For the most part they’re shoes that have been work for about 10 miles or so, but cannot be returned to the store.

Just make sure to know how much you’re willing to spend on the shoes to feel like you got a good deal.  Don’t pay any more than that amount!  I like to shoot for around $60.  $40% off is pretty darn good!  Here’s a link to my latest purchase.  An important thing before bidding/buying is to take into the account the shipping cost with the total cost of the shoes.

Happy shopping!  I hope your running experience is now at least 40% cheaper!


David H. said...

You can often find better deals at Running Warehouse (often with an extra discount code out there) and Holabird Sports (who has 3 weekly deals). When new shoes come out, the older models go on closeout. And the customer service is better than ebay or, in many cases, stores.

Mark said...

Definitely agree with the great deals and customer service from both Running Warehouse and Holabird Sports. I've used both with a good amount of savings. As well, most running clubs with have a discount code for Running Warehouse.

Madeleine Macy said...

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