Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It’s Hard to Stay Motivated… Can Money Help?

At times, I find it hard to get out of bed to hit that early run especially when it’s a hard workout.  I also find it hard to hit play on the Insanity workout videos.  But, then I remind myself why I want to or better yet, need to do these things… to hit my goals.  I have goals of getting faster and stronger.  Specifically, I’d like to hit a marathon under 3:50.  I’d also like to start running longer races next year… 50K’s and above.

Recently, I saw a couple of apps/websites pop up that provide a different kind of motivation… money.  I’ve seen it before with weight loss groups, but these are on the web.  First one that I saw is www.DietBet.com.

DietBet.com refers to itself as Social Dieting.  It’s a 4 week challenge to complete a goal of weight loss.  Everyone chips in a certain amount into the pot.  All participants that successfully loses the weight gets to share the pot.  Looking at the site, it looks like they’ve done everything to keep everyone honest and safe.  No cheaters allowed… you’ve got to take pictures of the scale with a word of the day.  You’re also discouraged from losing too much weight as that would be unhealthy.  The cool thing is that you don’t have to share your weight at all.


runkeeper-gympact (1)The other app that I saw is GymPact.  It’s a mobile app that works in conjunction with checking into the gym or for running with www.RunKeeper.com.  Basically, you get paid for workouts that you committed to and lose money for days that you didn’t make.  Basically, people that miss their workouts pay those that made their workouts.

Bummer thing is that they’re not quite ready for us Android users.  But, I’m sure they’re working on it.

I think that these apps give what all of us Americans want… a quick short term sense of gratification.  Commitment to a training plan is hard work!  Like I mentioned, it’s hard to get up at times and it’s hard to press play on the workout DVD for so many reasons,  When you complete the workout, you don’t see instant results.  You might feel a bit better, but let’s face it, it’s going to take repetition to get to your goal. 

GymPact is a weekly program while DietBet is monthly… this is definitely easier to get through than the bigger commitment that people really need.  I’m hoping that these are short term pushes to get people involved in a healthier lifestyle.  It has to become a habit for people to be self-motivated.  Hopefully these apps will push people to continue without the short term gratification.

So, if losing weight and getting healthier aren’t your top motivators… you can use money to move you!  Getting faster and stronger is my motivation, what’s yours?

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