Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It wasn’t me, It was Him!

Continuing my thoughts on the NYC Mission Trip that I took with Hope Fellowship.  I have come to grips that everything about that trip was Him, not me.  The whole trip was not normal for me.  My biggest prayer for the trip was to be used by God.  It was definitely through His power that I was used.  All the great things that happened were for His glory!


NYC 2012 from Hope Fellowship on Vimeo.

I wish that I could say that when I see someone that I don’t prejudge them before learning their story.  Then again, I shouldn’t judge them at all.  I shouldn’t need to know their story.  I can honestly say for the time that I was in NYC, I let God direct me and let his love flow through me.  It is now my daily prayer.

I prayed that God let me see His people as His children.  I wasn’t there to judge, but to give His love.  It was great to just let it happen!  I didn’t have the answers, but I allowed His answers to be there, instead of me trying to fix everything.  It wasn’t my place to fix anyone, but to show His love.  That’s the same prayer for my daily interactions with others.

I’m a nice guy, but it’s not normal for me to go up to homeless people and strike up conversations.  Heck, it’s not always normal for me to talk with most people.  However, once that conversation started it was great just to be a part of their lives.  To listen to their stories, to see the pain, to empathize, and to see their happiness peak through.

One of the biggest things that we did while we were driving to the different locations was to praise God through worship songs and prayer. It was huge, it really got us set for what was going to happen and who we were going to see. We truly were going into spiritual warfare and needed to focus on Him. Emails, voice mails, texts, and Words with Friends could definitely wait.  This is something that as well needs to be done everyday… focusing on Him to be prepared for what He has in store for us daily.

At one point during our drive to one of the locations, someone played songs from our church, Hope Fellowship.  It was so incredible.  Hearing Aubrey and Jen’s voices, I imagined them and others from our church praying for us and lifting us up.  I pretty much lost it at that point.  Their voices are so uplifting!  I love my church family.

We were in some rough neighborhoods, but no matter where the Relief Bus was parked, I felt a covering of protection by Him.  It was so good to feel His protection and understand that something big was happening.  The greatest thing is that it wasn’t all about me.

In an upcoming post, I’ll share some of the stories of people that I got to meet.  Before I share about that, I had to give glory where it was due.  I loved how God used me.  He wants to use you too.

I had reservations about going on a Mission Trip and I’m sure you probably do as well.  You don’t have to be strong enough, articulate enough, bold enough… He has given you all that you need to go on a Mission Trip. 

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