Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pre-Race Rituals: Race Numbers!

Yesterday I got my race bib number for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon! The number is 1397… that definitely sounds like a PR number!  After cheering at my desk yesterday about getting my race number, I was asked, “what makes a good race number?” 

A good race number is like a poker hand… pairs, 3 of a kind, straights.  Even better is when you get a low number, such as number 1!  However, when it comes down to it, a good race number is a number that you believe is a PR Number.

Ever since I started running, my sister would always ask me about my number.  She  would always say how much better hers was.  If anything, it’s a nice little distraction while you’re getting geared up for the race.

2012-03-25 07.24.23One of my favorite race numbers are when they’re sequential… especially running in races with my 16 year old son, Cairo!  We usually argue (out of fun) which race number is better.  Here’s a couple of pictures of us at some races.  Yep, we like to dress the same.

2012-04-07 07.47.14248636_10150193627601442_631711441_7419394_4482588_n2011-09-05 08.32.29  0053-knock out

The number 1397 has a great ring to it!  Yep, it’s a PR number!  :)

        So, do you have any favorite numbers for your bib number?


Emily said...

I just got mine as well 1516! For my first marathon, I told my best friend the race number and on race day she told me all the significant events in history during that year (1796). She knew I would appreciate this since I'm a history professor! I'm hoping having a low number means a low time! I enjoy reading your posts. Good luck Sunday!!

Mark said...

Thanks Emily! You're going to make history on Sunday with your first marathon! I hope you have a great race experience!

Mark said...

I was mistaken, you're going to continue making history as you've already been running marathons. Best wishes on your BQ Quest!

Holly said...

I never pay much attention to my bib numbers. Maybe I should?

Have safe travels and hopefully we cross paths this weekend!