Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teach Them to be Givers

2012-04-15 08.32.24Don’t you love those race volunteers that help selflessly!?!  Where do they come from???  They come from me, you, our friends, our family, and complete strangers.  I’m really trying to teach my kids life lessons before they fly the coup completely.  One of those lessons is to give of themselves selflessly. 

Last weekend and this morning, Cairo and I volunteered at racing events.  Last week we help setup at the DRC Tal Morrison race and then this morning we had the honor of handing out medals at the Big D Marathon & Half Marathon.  Cairo was not overly excited about getting up early for these events.  However, on the ride to Big D, I said thanks for going.  In return, he said, “I get it, Dad, we have to be givers, not just takers!” This is something that I’ve been telling him over the last few weeks leading up to these volunteer opportunities.  It was cool to hear it come out of his mouth!

This morning was so awesome giving out the medals to the finishers.  I felt like I was a taker as I part of their race experience.  At times it took a bit to hold back some of the shared emotions with the finishers.  It was great to see the first time finishers, the challenged finishers pushing through pain, running couples, and parents finishing with children in their arms.  When the parents finished with the kids in the arms, I would put the medal on the child.  The parent and the child both loved it.  It was great to see so many running friends finish the race as well.

Both Cairo and I have such a bigger appreciation of volunteers!  I always try to save enough breath to say thanks at water stops, the finish line and other volunteer posts.  These people are giving up their time to make the race happen.  Give them a shout of thanks, a smile, or at least a head nod!

P.S.  Be a Giver, volunteer at a race.  You won’t regret it!

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DaveL said...

Hey bud,
Contrats on the move! I know how difficult it must have been in the decision process, but change can bring much reward.

Let's pencil in a lunch soon.

Your friend,