Monday, April 9, 2012

Love me some Chocolate Milk!

I’ve been drinking chocolate milk as a recovery drink for a couple of years now and swear by it.  A friend of mine from the Dallas Running Club recommended it to me after I complained about recovering from long runs.  I definitely noticed a difference and it’s been in my recovery routine ever since.

Recently at the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon expo, I was able to give an impromptu commercial for chocolate milk.  Check it out, here.  It’s definitely not my best performance, but, hey, it was impromptu!  Please vote for my video submission and $1 will go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  It will also make me very happy!  :)  The contest runs until the end of April.  You can vote once per day… so, please do so.  Put on your calendar as a reminder.  Winners of the contest get some cool stuff.  I really want cool stuff!

Besides tasting awesome, Chocolate Milk replenishes what your body is lacking after strenuous activities.  Check out the science behind Chocolate Milk!

Even before this contest, I’ve been reaching for chocolate milk, check the videos from the last couple of my marathons.  The first thing that I want to drink is a chocolate milk.  :)

Yep, I get emotional from running a marathon, but I’ve got to have my chocolate milk.  Above is when I finally conquered the Sub-4 hour marathon and below is from the challenging 2011 Dallas White Rock Marathon.

If you haven’t tried Chocolate Milk after your long runs, you’re missing out!  It’s definitely a lot easier than Ice Baths!  :)

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