Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pre-Race Rituals: Show me how great you are!

I’ve wrote about filling up on positive vibes before, but I cannot stress it enough.  The Marathon is tremendously physical, however, there is still a great deal that is emotional and mental.

One thing that I like to do during the final days leading up to a big race is to fill my head with positive images, stories, & videos.  Yes, I’ve done the physical training, but I can still use some mental training.

Before I get into this, I must say that I give God all the glory for the ability and the courage that he has given me.  I’ve learned so much and grown so much closer to Him through this journey.  Any accomplishment that I receive is because of Him!

Yes, there has to be some self-adoration when you try to push yourself to your goals.  If you don’t believe in yourself, then you’ve already lost the battle.

Below is a video that is one of my favorites.  I like watching the first 90 seconds or so.  Specifically I’m listening to Muhammad Ali with his “I’m going to show you how great I am speech.

This really pushed me before and during the race that I achieved my Sub-4 hour marathon time.  I had my wife watch it with me before the race.  I told her that it charged me up.  She, of course, shook her head.  Sometimes non-runners have great intentions, but don’t know what to say when you look like crap at mile 22.  I told her before the race, if you don’t know what to say, this is the best thing you can say to me:  “Show me how great you are!”

She said it once or twice and it sounded kind of funny coming from her.  However, late in the race she texted the message to me and it’s exactly what I needed at that moment.

Below is the actual speech/interview.  Way cool to see him so young and ready to take on the world!

Fill up on positive images & videos so that you can draw on them when needed during a race.  Yes, you will need them… or at least I know that I will.  My next BIG race that I will be drawing on these images is the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  I cannot wait for this race!

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