Friday, March 23, 2012

Pre-Race Rituals: Race Hair Cut

I love running races!  It’s what I train for, it’s what I get all jazzed up for!  The next BIG race that I’m looking forward to is the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. So, I have some pre-race rituals that I go through to get ready.  One of those rituals is a Race Hair Cut!

A race hair cut makes me feel sleeker and ready to go.  I usually get it 2-3 days before the race.  Getting the haircut makes me feel cooler for the race.  Also, if I need to wear a hat, my “hat head” doesn’t look as bad.

The great thing is that my wife cuts my hair.  I don’t need to try to schedule an appointment with someone.  I just need to stay on my wife’s good side so that I don’t have a bad race hair cut.  But, then again, she wouldn’t do that to me!  :)

Here’s a video of me getting my race hair cut before the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon at Green Peridot.  This is the salon that Ursula is a stylist.  If you need a race hair cut or just tired of your stylist, make an appointment with her at 469-362-7980.

So, what are some of your pre-race rituals?


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