Friday, March 2, 2012

Mission Sub-4 Hour Marathon

logoTomorrow morning I’ll be running in The Woodlands Marathon down in the suburbs of Houston.  This will be my 7th marathon since December 2009.  I’ve talked about this marathon to friends & co-workers close to me, but haven’t really blogged or tweeted about it.  I’ve been more excited about the Cleveland Marathon since that’s a true destination marathon for me.  The Woodlands Marathon will be a mission for me.

The Mission is to hit Sub-4 Hours in the Marathon.  I haven’t been talking up this marathon as much because I don’t want to jinx myself and I want to stay somewhat focused.  I really really really want Sub-4 hours.  It’s doable!  The Half Marathon PR time of 1:46 a couple of weeks ago has given me the added confidence that I need to hit it.  I just need to finish this race strong and push through!

The Dallas White Rock Marathon was really when I thought I was going to hit Sub-4, but the weather didn’t cooperate with me.  I trained really well for that race and was pretty bummed that it wasn’t the time.

I wanted to keep my training level high and run another marathon to hit the Sub-4 Hour goal, but didn’t want to run the CowTown Marathon in Fort Worth.  I picked The Woodlands since I heard that it was pretty darn flat.  It’s also 2 loops which I think will play into my favor.  I like to know what’s coming up on the race.  It’s a mental & physical thing.

Thanks for everyone’s encouragement as I’ve been training.  I’m ready to knock out this crazy milestone!

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