Monday, March 12, 2012

He Kept His Promise

384449_234041489994112_144587302272865_685646_1135147262_nIn the fall of 2010 I heard about the Frisco Running Club.  I was running and training on my own in Frisco since driving all the way down to White Rock Lake was beating me down.  Also, I wasn’t crazy about the DRC training plan anymore.  The first couple of training seasons were awesome and I made great friends down there.  I won’t get into why I didn’t like the training plan when it changed, it just didn’t work for me at the time.

Anyways… I was envious of others that were in my DRC training group that did much better with their marathon times.  I just couldn’t finish out a race and hit where I wanted to.  I really wanted to hit Sub-4 hours.  This is what others were doing that I was training with.  It made me think: what’s wrong with myself.  I KNOW that I’m not suppose to compare myself against others, but it’s a bit hard at times.  I am a man after all and that’s just one of the stupid things that we do. 

404354_2957148853877_1416162224_33069282_1449509479_nBack to the year 2010, I met Hamlin Jones, who leads the Frisco Running Club.  While checking out the club on a Monday night he asked of my training, my challenges, and my goals.  I told him that I wanted to get my marathon time under 4 hours.  He said that he would get me there.  In the confident swagger that embodies Hamlin, he promised that he’d get me there!  I wasn’t so sure of it, but he certainly was.

Hamlin is extremely passionate about running.  He reminds me of my daughter’s club soccer coach – Coach Eddie.  The way that Coach Eddie ate, drank, & dreamt of soccer is the same for Hamlin with running.  Hamlin has accomplished a lot in his own right, but better yet, he encourages and wills other to grow in their running journey.  Check out this article of Hamlin in the Frisco Style Magazine.

During Spring 2011, I trained on my own for my spring marathons (Cowtown & Cincinnati).  I didn’t do well in those marathons.  I finally trained with the Frisco Running Club in the Fall 2011 training season.  I loved the training!  It had a lot of things that were not a part of my previous training: speed training at the track, interval training, different paced long runs, etc.  A bonus was that it was only a 10 minute drive to any of the meeting locations.

Through the Fall 2011 marathon training season, I was pushed and encouraged… I felt so much better than I felt in a long time.  I felt confident that I would hit my goal of Sub-4 hours, however the weather at the White Rock Marathon just didn’t cooperate.  Knowing that I wanted to go for it one more time with my fitness level at a high level, I set out for The Woodlands Marathon

Hamlin kept his promise - I made my goal of Sub-4 Hours!  I called him after the race and could hear him beaming with pride as if he ran the race.  It’s been days since I’ve run that Sub-4 hour marathon and I’m still on cloud nine!

If you’re contemplating joining the Frisco Running Club for your first 5K, Half Marathon, or Marathon, I cannot urge you enough… JOIN!  Hamlin and all of the running coaches are passionate about the sport and the success of all the members.

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