Tuesday, March 6, 2012

9 & 11 Year Old Sisters Rocked The Woodlands Half Marathon #runnerds

I saw one of the coolest things at The Woodlands Marathon… there were 2 youngsters (9 & 11 years old) running the Half Marathon that made running look so effortless.  At the race on Saturday they had the Marathon runners start before the Half Marathon runners.  Of course sooner or later the fast Half Marathoners were going to catch up to the Marathoners. 

At about a 3 miles into the race, I spot out of the corner of my eye a runner that was shorter than most runners that I’d expect to see in this distance of a race.  I didn’t want to look or gawk too quickly as it might’ve been an adult that was shorter than most.  As the person passed me up, I could tell it was a youngster.  She looked so smooth and effortless.  She was weaving in and out of everyone with ease.  It seemed that every runner had the same surprised look that I had.

No less than a couple of minutes later here comes another young girl trucking along as the first one.  Us runners had the same inquisitive looks when we saw her.  I knew that they had to be sisters.

Welsch sisters

After the race, I had to look up the results to see how they did.  They smoked the Half Marathon times.  Very cool to see younger participants out there in distances longer than 10Ks and 15Ks.  I was expecting to see parents with the same last name, but didn’t see any other Welsches.

I had to look up Kaytlynn’s race results and was surprised that she has recently completed 2 marathons with times of 4:01 and 3:45 at the Houston Marathon.  Heather the younger sister knocked out an impressive 1:41 at the Houston Half Marathon.  Heather’s race results.

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