Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ursula Hits the Floor

n61210094174_2074291_5228Today is a big day for Ursula.  She hits the floor fulltime as a Stylist at Green Peridot in Frisco.  She has been working there for 18 months as an assistant.  Most hairstylists are very eager to jump on the floor to get things cutting.  A majority of the time, that eagerness & impatience shortcuts the learning process. (pun intended)  Ursula took advantage and seized the opportunity to work as an assistant to the owner, Daniel Lewis for a majority of the 18 months.  While assisting for him, she was able to learn from the best.  She’s ready to put this knowledge to work.

During her time at Green Peridot she has not only assisted, but has worked on several clients.   During that time she has gained their trust and they couldn’t wait until she is fulltime.

I’m a bit biased, but Ursula really cares about her work and the people that take a seat in her chair.  Heck, she’s been doing my hair for 20+ years.

If you’re looking for a new hairstylist or want to try out one of those Brazilian Blowouts, please feel confident in scheduling an appointment with her.  You can schedule an appointment with her at 469-362-7980.

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Anonymous said...

Much Love from Shell Phillips & Family from San Diego, Ca. if your lucky enough to find YOUR - nitch , work will be Pleasure + Profit on so many levels.