Thursday, January 26, 2012


I’ve tried resolutions in the past years and I’ve blogged about them as well.  This year I actually avoided resolutions.  I feel like I’m continually trying to improve myself in some form or fashion.  The improvement could be based on trying to draw closer to Christ, being a better husband or father, getting faster or stronger, and getting healthier.  So, it’s really about continuous improvement.

insanityI’ve been hearing about Insanity for quite awhile from people that have gone through it.  Most of the reviews have been super positive.  I purchased the Insanity program back in the beginning of December in hopes of starting it during my Christmas break.  Unfortunately, the Stained Concrete project got in the way and I wasn’t able to do it.  For one, the house was a mess and two, doing the floors was pretty insane.

One of the coolest things about doing Insanity is that Ursula and I are doing it together.  We’re now toward the end of the 3rd week.  We keep encouraging each other and we’ve been good about staying on track.

Insanity is crazy interval cardio training… also known as MAX Interval Training.  It pushes you to get stronger at your pace, but pushes you!  I really like Shaun T. and the videos so far.  They are definitely challenging.  I don’t think there’s been a video that I’ve been able to completely perform.  I’ve been getting stronger, but the cardio is just insane.

Some things that I really like that Shaun T. says throughout the videos:

  • Push through!  Push through!  Push through!
  • Dig deep!
  • I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m trying to help you!
  • That #$^#& was bananas!
  • I’m talking SPIT!
  • Peace out!

Only in the 3rd week, I can definitely feel and see results.  I‘d definitely recommend this program to anyone that is trying to get fit or fitter. :)   The key to this program with any program is to know your body and do what you’re capable of.

I like how the people in the video are real… as in, that they have to take unscheduled breaks as well.  I also like that you don’t have to use special equipment for the workouts.  You’ve got what you need!  Dig deep and do it!

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