Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stained Concrete – The Process

Photo0403Sorry for the total lack of before photos.  I really didn’t know how much that I was going to document this process.  Here’s a picture of my lovely bride with the carpeting in place.

There are a bunch of videos below showing the process.  They’re all about a minute each so they shouldn’t be too boring.  :)  If you just want to see the finished look, you can go to the last 2 videos.

Since I had several days off for Christmas vacation, I decided to tackle the job of putting down Stained Concrete in the Family Room & Kitchen.  Ursula has been wanting this to be done for a long time.

I’ve been researching this project over the last couple of months.  I watched several YouTube videos, read a lot of blogs, and checked a lot of products.  I settled on the QuikRete product line.  The steps seemed simple and I really liked how their topcoat is white when you apply it. 

I blogged about the Spyder Scraper blades in a previous post.  Here’s a continuation of the progress after using the blades.  In retrospect, the blades are great in during a small area.  They’re also great if you only want to get the linoleum up and then get the glue up by other means.  The reciprocating saw had a tendency to kick back on me when I had a bad angle or something.  I had a nice bloody knuckle to show for it.  You can see it in the videos.

Finally got the linoleum up off the floor.  We were hoping to put the stain down on Christmas night before going over to the sister-in-law’s for dinner.  Unfortunately, the stainer that I had was broken and we’d have to wait for the next morning when Lowe’s would be open.  BONUS video: check out Briana at the end of the video showing off her Christmas gift from her boyfriend.

Below is the video of when we just applied the QuikRete Etching Stain.  I’m nervous of how it’s going to turn out.

Applying the top coat…

Pretty cool to see the different stages of applying the top coat: before, during, & a little after.

The above video is the finished look filmed at night.

Day view of the finished look.  We’re so glad to finally be moving back in.  It wasn’t really that bad being without TV.  Ursula and I went OLD school on Hulu watching 21 Jump Street.  It was fun watching Johnny Depp in his early days and all of the hairstyles and clothes. :)

I will post another blog soon with some tips and tricks that I learned along the way.

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