Monday, December 5, 2011

It was a dark & stormy marathon!

Despite the rain, wind, & cold, I enjoyed this marathon.  What made it so great was all of my family being there along with so many friends!  Thanks to Ursula and Briana for supporting both Cairo and I.  This race was special as well since Cairo was out there running his second half marathon. 

Before the Race


Posing with work friends from work.  Super proud of Brandon as he ran his first marathon.  Chris PR’ed his 5th half marathon!  Cairo knocked out his 2nd half.

We got to the race super early with Chris. We decided with the rain and 25,000 runners, we’d rather sit in the parking lot than on the highway.  It was cool to not be rushed before the race.  We were able to find the short bathroom line and then made our trash bag rain gear.

Thanks to Felix for starting the race with Cairo. Felix was running the half so he and Cairo started off together.

I was very excited for this race.  I trained hard and earnestly stayed on track to be able to hit Sub 4 hours.  Yes, the weather looked to be crappy, but I still had my sights on getting there in less than 4 hours.

During the Race

390118_2753136867579_1232398426_33125280_2107835063_nThe truly best part of the race was seeing running friends along the course.  It’s always so cool to hear your name yelled.  Whenever, I see someone I know, I run over to them a give them a hug or a high five.  It’s just too cool to see them.  A huge thanks to my biggest cheerleader: Corina.  She was my first running Twitter friend.  I didn’t see her at first, but heard her yell for me after I past her.  I ran back to her and hugged it out.  I was feeling good at that point with it only be at mile 8.

To the left is a picture of me when I saw her.  I’m pretty darn drenched, but in great spirits at this point.


splitsIt was great to see Ursula & Briana before the Marathon/Half Marathon split.  We agreed to only meet there since Cairo would be finishing the Half and it would be a pain to get back out on the course.

The rain was hit & miss for awhile.  It was pretty tolerable until I hit White Rock Lake.  At that point the wind really kicked up.  I really love the White Rock Marathon since I know the route so well.  I know what’s coming and I know when it’s going to be rough.

It was great to see Corina again at mile 21 with the Dollies!  One of my running friends is actually a Dollie.  I had some fun with them and got back going.

I felt really good until I got to mile 22.  I just kept telling myself to get past mile 22 and then it’s downhill from there.  It just seemed that it was getting colder & colder and my legs were feeling incredibly shot.  They felt jarring with every running step.

I tried repeating my mantra over and over of “Push Through”, but it just wasn’t happening.  At that point, I was at the point of run/walking to the end.

As I got to about mile 25, I saw an angel running toward me.  The angel was Susan from my running group of the Frisco Running Club.  After running the Half Marathon she was out there encouraging others on their finish.

She was so encouraging and understanding.  She encouraged me to run some and told me that we weren’t too few away from the finish.  Once she got me close to the finish, she sent me off on my own.  I cannot thank her enough!  Below is a picture of her running me in.


The Finish

Above is my exhausted self after running the marathon.  It was super cool to see my boss, Scott there at the finish.  He has come to see me run the White Rock Marathon for the last 3 years.

The cold weather really got to me after I met up with my family and Frisco Running Club friends.  I was shaking uncontrollably.  I got out of my wet clothes and was aided by some Baylor medical peeps.

I’m learning that it’s not all about the numbers, but I still learn a lot from them. I finished in 4:19:57. I missed my big goal of Sub 4 hours and barely missed my PR by a minute. I did set a course PR by 20 minutes.  I know that I’m capable of a Sub 4 hour marathon and cannot wait to go for it again.

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Becky said...

Congratulations Mark! You are an inspiration to me and you helped me so much when I was just starting this marathon training process. I enjoyed reading your blog...I hope to have my story up on my blog in the next few days. Great job my friend!