Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank God for 21 Years

Today marks 21 years that I’ve been married to Ursula.  I totally thank God for what He has down for us over the last 21 years.  Of course, it’s not always been easy.  But, then again, I’m not the easiest guy to get a long with!  :)

Above is a video of snippets from our wedding 21 years ago.  Some observations about the video:

  • Great intro by Ed, my brother-in-law. 
  • It was awesome to have the Air Force Honor Guard there.  I was actually in the Honor Guard at the time.  These guys were my friends that I would actually do ceremonies with.  We primarily did military funerals.  Weddings were a lot more fun since it was definitely a happier occasion.
  • I love my dad’s embrace after the wedding.
  • OK… name dropping… besides having Colonels and Generals at my wedding reception because of my father-in-law, I also had an NFL great at my wedding… Greg Pruitt.  My father-in-law, Greg, and I played golf on the day before the wedding.  Greg could crush that ball!  It was so cool for my family to meet such a great Cleveland Browns legend.  Can you spot Greg in the video?
  • I got a nice face full of rice from my sister-in-law, Yulanda when getting out of the limo.
  • My, how has technology advanced!  I’m sure back then the quality of this video looked awesome! :)

It was great watching the old video and reliving such a huge day in my life.  The wedding is such a blur!

I’m so glad that Ursula said yes 21 years ago.  I cannot imagine life without her – she is my comfort!

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Mama C said...

Congratulations!! What a wonderful life you've built together! It is obvious that you have such a strong partnership - so happy for you both!!

Cracking up at how you put a GOOD kiss on her when you came out of church!! Dang! ;)