Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dads, be creative! Give Piggy Rides

I really think it’s up to us, Dads, to create special memories for our kids.  We have the choice to create these moments on purpose.  If we don’t, then we leave it up to chance of what our kids remember of their childhood.

Lately, I’ve been converting all of the old video tape home movies to digital – DVD’s and all.  It’s been fun reminiscing about year’s past.

I came along a video of me giving the kids Piggy Rides.  No, not your traditional piggy rides, but a Mark Lindsley Piggy Ride!  Let me give you a little history of the piggy rides.  When my family and I went to Six Flags back in 1998, through my carnival skills, I won a big old stuffed animal pig.  The kids would have it in their rooms and wouldn’t do much with it.

Being the crazy dad that I was, I came up with a new way to give Piggy Rides by using the stuffed animal pig.  I would place the kiddos on the pig and fly them around the house.  They had a blast and I got worn out.  :)

Above is some footage from the infamous Mark Lindsley Piggy Rides back in May of 1999. 

Dads – get creative and make special moments for your kids.  My kids still talk about Piggy Rides in their teenage years. 

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