Monday, October 24, 2011

Charity Challenge–First Timers

Over the last few months several of our company employees trained to run for our designated charity: Girls on the Run.  At our company meeting on Friday, I got to share this video from our race a few weeks ago.

It was so awesome to see everyone achieve their goals.  The look on their faces as many finished their first 5K or Half Marathon was priceless!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank God for 21 Years

Today marks 21 years that I’ve been married to Ursula.  I totally thank God for what He has down for us over the last 21 years.  Of course, it’s not always been easy.  But, then again, I’m not the easiest guy to get a long with!  :)

Above is a video of snippets from our wedding 21 years ago.  Some observations about the video:

  • Great intro by Ed, my brother-in-law. 
  • It was awesome to have the Air Force Honor Guard there.  I was actually in the Honor Guard at the time.  These guys were my friends that I would actually do ceremonies with.  We primarily did military funerals.  Weddings were a lot more fun since it was definitely a happier occasion.
  • I love my dad’s embrace after the wedding.
  • OK… name dropping… besides having Colonels and Generals at my wedding reception because of my father-in-law, I also had an NFL great at my wedding… Greg Pruitt.  My father-in-law, Greg, and I played golf on the day before the wedding.  Greg could crush that ball!  It was so cool for my family to meet such a great Cleveland Browns legend.  Can you spot Greg in the video?
  • I got a nice face full of rice from my sister-in-law, Yulanda when getting out of the limo.
  • My, how has technology advanced!  I’m sure back then the quality of this video looked awesome! :)

It was great watching the old video and reliving such a huge day in my life.  The wedding is such a blur!

I’m so glad that Ursula said yes 21 years ago.  I cannot imagine life without her – she is my comfort!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dads, be creative! Give Piggy Rides

I really think it’s up to us, Dads, to create special memories for our kids.  We have the choice to create these moments on purpose.  If we don’t, then we leave it up to chance of what our kids remember of their childhood.

Lately, I’ve been converting all of the old video tape home movies to digital – DVD’s and all.  It’s been fun reminiscing about year’s past.

I came along a video of me giving the kids Piggy Rides.  No, not your traditional piggy rides, but a Mark Lindsley Piggy Ride!  Let me give you a little history of the piggy rides.  When my family and I went to Six Flags back in 1998, through my carnival skills, I won a big old stuffed animal pig.  The kids would have it in their rooms and wouldn’t do much with it.

Being the crazy dad that I was, I came up with a new way to give Piggy Rides by using the stuffed animal pig.  I would place the kiddos on the pig and fly them around the house.  They had a blast and I got worn out.  :)

Above is some footage from the infamous Mark Lindsley Piggy Rides back in May of 1999. 

Dads – get creative and make special moments for your kids.  My kids still talk about Piggy Rides in their teenage years. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cairo Places Again!

2011-10-01 10.26.04Super proud of Cairo again.  He placed in 2nd in his 4th race!  We ran in the Dallas Running Club 15K Loop Race on Saturday.  This is the longest race that he has participated in.  I wanted him to run a longer race before his half marathon so that he would so how it would be.  I wanted him to know that he couldn’t run full speed the whole time as he might do in a 5K.

I planned on the same type of race plan as the previous 2 weekends when I ran Half Marathons.  Start at a 9:00 min/mile pace and then gradually speed up from there.  I figured that was something that both Cairo and I could handle.


The weather was great finally!  Temps started in the high 50s and warmed up just a little bit from there.  I definitely felt better than the previous weeks and was motoring at a quicker pace.  I kept checking with Cairo to make sure that he was doing well.  He was definitely keeping up & doing very well.  I’m crazy happy with my splits below.  I love October already and it’s beautiful cool morning temps!  It was great running down at White Rock Lake… it’s been awhile!  Great to see DRC friends and a familiar course.

splitsCairo finished the race in 1:18:27 which put him in 2nd place for 15-19 year olds.  Check out the results here.  I broke my personal record (PR) by almost 3 minutes with a time of 1:17:45.  I landed in 13th out of 43 men in my age group (40-44).  I did finish a slightly a head of Cairo as the spillway hill kind of wore him down a bit.  We stayed together just about the entire race except for the last mile.

Cairo has progressed so well!  He has come from barely able to run 3 miles at a 10:30 min/mile pace and needing to take 2-3 rest breaks… to where he’s at now… running a 15K (9.3 miles) at a 8:26 pace.  That’s such a huge improvement from not running at all in February to now.  So cool!

Thanks to Ursula and Cairo’s friend, Baylee for rooting us on.  It was great to have a cheering section at the Start and Finish line.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday, November 6th when Cairo tackles his first Half Marathon at the DRC Half!