Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Running Heels, Hills, & Him Half Marathon for HER

DSC_7520This was a very fun and rewarding half marathon.  The greatest part of it was being able to see so many first time runners tackle a half marathon.  As mentioned previously, my company had a Charity Challenge in which we raise money for a worthy charity.  We chose Girls on the Run for the great things that they do for empowering girls.  It was fitting that we chose to run in the Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon as it’s primary purpose is to provide a positive race experience for women.  It’s not too late to give… please, please consider donating to this worthy cause as I’m behind in making my goal.

Seeing how I ran a half marathon the previous week, I pretty much knew where I was at conditioning wise.  I pretty much went after the race with the same type of plan as last week’s race.  Start at 9:00 miles and then gradually increase pace.  I felt really good in this race except for the heat.  The good thing about this race is that I knew the course very well and knew what to expect from it especially since it was an out and back.

It was great being able to cheer on the newbie runners from my work as I was coming back.  I cheered for them and slapped some high fives.

You probably noticed that subject has a lot of H’s in it… well, I’ll add another one - Heat!  It was a pretty darn hot half marathon.  The temp started out in the mid 70s and just went up from there.  The funny thing was the day before and day after were much better candidates for race days.

I finished at about the same time as the previous week, but about 30 seconds faster with a time of 1:53:27.  I was very happy with that time.  I could have pushed it more, but it felt so great not feeling so spent after the race.

2011-09-25 10.04.19After the race, I met up with a running friend, Michelle K, and we decided to go meet up with the newbie runners to be a part of their finish.  That was such a rewarding experience!  Pictured to the right is Brandon and Nick (newbie runner) hamming it up for the camera.  It was so cool to see them finish!  We were walking for awhile and I told Nick to hold some in the reserves for the finish line… you’ve got to run through the Finish Line no matter what!  I worked the crowd up for them and they crossed with a lot of cheers.

It was also great to be a part of the other newbie runners finish as well.  There are several stories of these fearless champions overcoming some crazy obstacles to conquer this half marathon challenge.

I still remember what it was like to go from “there’s no way that I’d ever run a Half Marathon” to “Oh my God, I just ran a Half Marathon!”

0017Above is a video of the start of the Half Marathon.  You can see me at :41 seconds in the middle.  FYI – I’m not crazy about the singlet that was provided by our company.  My guns are really meant to be concealed weapons!  As shown in the picture on the right.  My farmer’s tan just doesn’t work too well.

In all, we had 20 coworkers running in the races which included the 1 mile fun run, 5K, 10K, and the Half Marathon.  Monday morning was buzzing with race stories and soreness.  :)

If you ever get a chance to pace someone on their first race, do it!  As well, circling back and helping others is so crazy cool to be a part of their experience.  It’s not just all about your race time!

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Elaine Hillis said...

Great post!! And I agree, sometimes it's not about your finish time. It's about seeing others finish and supporting our running community! :)