Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cairo Finding his Speediness!

2011-09-05 09.23.07It’s been a full month since Cairo and I joined the Frisco Running Club’s training program.  Prior to joining, Cairo and I worked on building up his base miles.  I pretty much kept him at a comfortable pace and didn’t really work him on any speed or hills.  We worked our way up to 6 miles.

Over the last month with the FRC, we’ve worked everything… speed, hills, distance, stretching, foam rolling, you name it.

The cool thing is that Cairo is finding his speed and being encouraged to be the runner that he can be.  I took him to a certain point and now the coaches at the FRC are taking him further.  It’s awesome to see him progressing so well.  It’s a challenge in waking him up for those early morning runs… but, hey, he’s a teenager! 

On July 2nd, we ran a 5K in The Colony and we finished at 29:56.  It was his first actual 5K.  We ran it at his pace.  I ran it with him to encourage and get him there.

On Labor Day, we ran the Labor of Love 5K in McKinney.

During the training, I could tell that he was getting stronger and more sure of himself.  I told him that he was to run his own race.  Listen to his body and knock out whatever time he felt comfortable with.

At the start, we were together and rocked a 8:07 mile for the first mile.  I was hoping to hold that pace so that I could get close to a PR, but the hills were going to do me in.  Pretty much after the first mile is when Cairo left me.  If I had any breath, I’d cheer him on.  I pretty much could see him until about the last half mile and then he probably turned it up a notch.

He finished in a time of 24:59 for a pace of 8:03/mile.  That’s crazy awesome!  He beat his previous 5K PR by 5 minutes and 1:35 per mile.

It was so cool to see him get 2nd in his age group.  Nothing like getting some hardware for his efforts.  Yep, I’m a super proud papa!  I’m a competitive kind of guy, but I’d rather see him pass me at every race.  He can do it!

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