Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12th Half Marathon Recap–Plano Balloon Festival

91693-019-007fI’m late with posting this recap about the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon, but felt the need to still post it.

I’m pretty darn happy with my race today.  I planned to see how things went after running the first mile or two at a 9 minute pace.  After that, I’d evaluate how things would go from there.  I felt good, but there wasn’t going to be a PR today.  The conditions were just too humid and there were a bit more hills than I needed.

Running tip:  If you’re a lone ranger and only train on your own… don’t!  Find a running club, group, or a couple of peeps that run at your pace.  I’ve found my new running family in the Frisco Running Club.  Besides the training that I’ve received, the encouragement is awesome!  It was so cool to be high-fiving team members on the out & back portions of the course.  It also just feels great being part of something bigger where everyone wants you to succeed.

I finished in 1:53:58 which is 4 minutes off my PR, but I’m tremendously happy with my time.  The humidity was pretty stifling.  Is it October, yet?

The course was definitely challenging, however doable!  There were a bit more hills than your average half marathon.  I liked the race being in Plano as it was closer to home, but definitely different than the usual Dallas race.  I would definitely run this race again.

This was the first race in quite a long time that I felt like I was going to pass out at the end of the race.  At the last mile, my fingers were all tingling… not cool!  When I ended, I was a hobbling mess.  Hamlin helped me sit down and get some fluids in me.  I felt much better after awhile.

I did want to stop and walk for awhile at miles 10, 11, 12… You get the point… the hills were just wreaking havoc on me.  However, I pushed through.  I felt very triumphant after not giving up on the hill at mile 11.  I can now use this victory in future races to push through the pain and accomplish what the negative voices in my head say that I cannot.  I can!

Like I mentioned the humidity was crazy, unfortunately for whatever other weather reasons, the hot air balloons did not launch.  I was looking forward to seeing them overheard while we raced around Plano.  However, the cool thing was that at a few locations around the course they had the balloon baskets out there.  When you ran buy, they lit up the flames and you could feel the heat from the street.

   I’ll be posting the race recap for the Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon much sooner.  :)

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