Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Sister Can Run a 50K, Can Yours?

So, I’m just getting the strength back in my legs from running the El Scorcho 25K race some 17 hours to find out that Denise, my sister ROCKED a 50K up in Ohio.  She is truly an inspiration!  Here’s her race report…


Yes, the race is over

Totally mixed feelings about it. It was a very tough race. The first half felt pretty good but I felt the heat getting to me pretty early on. I tried to incorporate some walk breaks to say cool. I got dizzy and took a couple of falls. Nothing serious just a banged up knee. I clocked in at 3:39:29 with a 14:08 pace. Seriously thought I could not go on and wanted to quit. But off I go....I would get some good moments and would feel great and start to run. But the heat.Wow. It was hot! When I saw Libby the second time around at the aid station, she filled up my water bottles and gave me some pretzels, she had asked if I needed anything else. I remember my reply "I need a ride"... and off I go. Yikes, not gonna make it. Have to make it. Will I make it? Not sure but I was about 2 miles out when I saw Gary. Told him I was not good at which point I found a log and sat down on it thinking if I could just take a minute. Well, that is all it took. Blah, there I sat with my head between my legs with people passing me. I recognized some of those shoes. Those were the people I had passed early on. What to do? Wanna quit.No, I wont quit. I will not end it this way. But I can't get up. Gary is being so kind and supportive letting me know I am almost there. Only 2 miles. I can do this. Have to. I finished in 8:52:09 an avg pace of 17:08. It took me 5:12:40 to finish the second half. But I did it. I finished! It was an ugly run but I did it and finished:)

Meanwhile last week Gary did his first 5k. Yes, Gary. Finished in 43 minutes. I believe he is going to do the Muddy Paws 2 mile trail walk/run next weekend.

Yes life is full of surprises.

I was going to provide a race report for my 25K, but it pales in comparison to the heroics of Denise’s 50K.  Super proud of her!

I’ll definitely post a race report for El Scorcho, but will till tomorrow to post it.  It was definitely an EXPERIENCE!

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