Monday, July 18, 2011

El Scorcho Experience

2011-07-16 23.33.59A few months back, I talked my running friend, Felix into running the El Scorcho 25K with me.  I kept hearing how much of a fun race and partying atmosphere that it was.  I guess I forgot to look at the name of the race or the month that it falls in… July!  Yes, it was a hot one, but what an experience!

El Scorcho is a 25K & 50K race that took place at midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning at Trinity Park in Fort Worth.  Being contained in the park, you actually run a 5K lap five times for the 25K and 10 times for the 50K.  Being 3.1 miles, it’s actually not as monotonous as you’d think.

Felix and I stated together, but toward the end of the first loop he was going at a quicker pace than what I wanted to go with.  Things were going well until after the second loop.  My mind and body were starting to tell me that they didn’t want to be here.  Bed or a late night move sounded so much better!

After finishing the second loop, my Garmin decided to be funny by asking me the question, “Are you indoors now?”  Are you serious!?!  I was like, fine, I don’t need you anyway!  I got rid of the Garmin and the glow stick bracelets at the second break.  I was mad at both of them!  :)

After the 3rd lap, it was funny to hear that the 25K Winner just crossed the finish line.  In the time that it took me to run 9.3 miles, he ran 15.5 miles.  I know it’s about me running against me, but it was pretty darn funny!

2011-07-16 23.32.42Briana, my daughter, was a superstar!  Her maternal instincts kicked in as she took care of me during the race.  Re-fueling me, encouraging me, cheering on others!  She was really into it.  I loved it!  Thanks Briana!

The last couple of laps had me running to each water stop and walking threw them.  Back to running after I enjoyed the water.  The volunteers were awesome!  It takes a lot of love for the sport to be out there volunteering during the middle of the night.

Felix did an awesome job on his first 25K with consistent splits.  He is such a great friend.  He walked back to the last water stop looking for me.  After getting my water and walking a little bit, he ran me back in with encouragement.  Thanks Felix!

The bad thing about running a race and then going straight to bed is being so darn hydrated.  I knew that I had to be hydrated to run this crazy race and one trip to the restroom doesn’t take care of getting back to normal.  I was pretty much woken up hourly to empty that bladder – uggghh!  I really wanted some good sleep!


One of the best things about running is the friends that you make.  It was awesome to see so many running friends.  Here’s a picture of Felix and I with Corina.  She’s been recuperating and will be back out running soon, but came out to cheer everyone on.  It was so awesome to have her there.  It was also great to see Mark O., Michelle & Erik. Libby, Julie, Marci, Jerry, Melvin, Kyle, Amanda, and so many others!

It was a tough race, but I’m glad that I experienced it!  A think a 50K is in my future, but highly doubt that it’d be in July in Texas!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Sister Can Run a 50K, Can Yours?

So, I’m just getting the strength back in my legs from running the El Scorcho 25K race some 17 hours to find out that Denise, my sister ROCKED a 50K up in Ohio.  She is truly an inspiration!  Here’s her race report…


Yes, the race is over

Totally mixed feelings about it. It was a very tough race. The first half felt pretty good but I felt the heat getting to me pretty early on. I tried to incorporate some walk breaks to say cool. I got dizzy and took a couple of falls. Nothing serious just a banged up knee. I clocked in at 3:39:29 with a 14:08 pace. Seriously thought I could not go on and wanted to quit. But off I go....I would get some good moments and would feel great and start to run. But the heat.Wow. It was hot! When I saw Libby the second time around at the aid station, she filled up my water bottles and gave me some pretzels, she had asked if I needed anything else. I remember my reply "I need a ride"... and off I go. Yikes, not gonna make it. Have to make it. Will I make it? Not sure but I was about 2 miles out when I saw Gary. Told him I was not good at which point I found a log and sat down on it thinking if I could just take a minute. Well, that is all it took. Blah, there I sat with my head between my legs with people passing me. I recognized some of those shoes. Those were the people I had passed early on. What to do? Wanna quit.No, I wont quit. I will not end it this way. But I can't get up. Gary is being so kind and supportive letting me know I am almost there. Only 2 miles. I can do this. Have to. I finished in 8:52:09 an avg pace of 17:08. It took me 5:12:40 to finish the second half. But I did it. I finished! It was an ugly run but I did it and finished:)

Meanwhile last week Gary did his first 5k. Yes, Gary. Finished in 43 minutes. I believe he is going to do the Muddy Paws 2 mile trail walk/run next weekend.

Yes life is full of surprises.

I was going to provide a race report for my 25K, but it pales in comparison to the heroics of Denise’s 50K.  Super proud of her!

I’ll definitely post a race report for El Scorcho, but will till tomorrow to post it.  It was definitely an EXPERIENCE!