Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trust in Him!

What seems to be the first thing that we do when trouble pops up into our lives?  We stress, we worry, we think of all of the worst case scenarios… we don’t trust in Him!

On Saturday, my family and I were in Gladewater (East Texas) enjoying Ursula’s family reunion.  We had a lot of fun, but I’ll be focusing on an incident that happened.  After breakfast, we were on our way to set up games & activities at the Gladewater High School where the fun times were going to happen.  On the way there, after accelerating above 30mph, the engine light went on in the PT Cruiser.  The car did not want to stay above 30mph and it got all herky-jerky as if it was going to stall.  Crazy!

My head was filled with thoughts of… “oh no, I’m going to have to shell out some big bucks for a dealer or mechanic to fix the car!”, “It’s Saturday, we’re going to be stuck here until Monday as we won’t be able to find a mechanic!”, “Why didn’t the car break down in Frisco!?!”, “Did I change the oil every 3,000 miles?” and on and on.

We limped along to the high school so that we could set up for the activities.  As we’re setting things up, I’m praying and just plainly talking to God.  I felt a calmness that the problem was going to work out.  The biggest thing is that I stopped worrying about what could happen and focused now on resolving the problem.

With the help of a cousin of Ursula’s, we went to an auto parts store and had them pull up the engine code.  It pointed to a specific bad part – a Camshaft Position Sensor.  Yes, I learned about something that I didn’t really care about or at least until now.  We found out that this $35 part could be easily replaced by 2 bolts.  There wasn’t a guarantee that this would fix the problem as it could be a circuitry problem.

Lo and behold, we replaced the part, drove it around and it was fixed!  It made the entire trip back to the Dallas area without incident.  Praise God!  Was all of the worrying that Ursula and I did productive?  Ummm… no!  I like how Jesus put it in Luke 12:25: “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”  I want to give my problems and burdens to God sooner.  It’s so much easier when He takes care of them then when I do.

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