Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cairo Rocked his First Race!

248636_10150193627601442_631711441_7419394_4482588_nEver since Cairo expressed an interest to run a Half Marathon in the fall we’ve been training.  Pretty much, we’ve just been building base miles.  He’s up to 3-4 miles comfortably.  Saturday, we finally tested his wheels and got him into a race.  We ran the Dallas Running Club June Bloomin’ 4 Mile Race down at White Rock Lake in Dallas.  Why a 4 mile race instead of a 5K?  We were signed up for a 5K earlier, but school commitments held us back from running it together.

The Wednesday before the race was the first time that he ran 4 miles without stopping.  It took a bit of prodding and encouragement to get him through it, but he did it.  He ran that in 40 minutes.

We had a lot of build up to the race and what to expect.  Stay on the right, don’t worry about others passing us, run our own race, break the distance down into smaller units, hydrate days before the race, etc.  It was great to pass on what others have taught me.

Before the race, I figured that he’d have a time between 39 & 40 minutes.  He totally blew me away with his time of 38:13!  I wanted him to start out slow, but I think he was caught up in the excitement of the start of the race.  I was thinking that we should be closer to 10:00 minutes for the first mile to start out slower.  I had to slow him down over the first 2 miles as I wanted to conserve his energy for the hill at the spillway.  He powered pretty well through the hill and recovered a bit afterward.  He seemed to loose some steam, but surprised me with his last mile.  Below are his split times:

  • Mile 1: 9:26
  • Mile 2: 9:36
  • Mile 3: 9:44
  • Mile 4: 9:09

He was so happy after crossing the finish line.  It was great to experience it with him.  Check out the picture above… love the smile on his face.  Usually he doesn’t have a smile that big.  I love that smile!

Funny thing that he said after the race, “This 4 miles was a lot longer than the one in Frisco!”  He admitted that he wanted to stop, but I’m so glad and I’m sure that he is, that he powered through.

We had fun seeing DRC friends! It was fun hearing Roger yell to Cairo at the end, “Cairo, beat your dad!”  I love it!

I give God all the glory for providing Cairo the ability to run through his asthma and allergies.  His allergies were trying to act up before the race, but subsided.  :)

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