Monday, March 7, 2011

Best Part of the Weekend

Cowtown Marathon 010-cropped Yes, I placed 2nd in my Age Group in the 5K that I ran this weekend.  But, the best part of this weekend was running with my 15 year old son, Cairo!  As mentioned, after the Cowtown Marathon, he said that he wanted to run in a Half Marathon.

I asked him why he wanted to run and he said that it was cool to see all of those people cheering for the runners.  He wants to experience that!  That’s what got me hooked as well.  It’s very cool to have people cheering for you to finish.

So Sunday afternoon, we want on our first training run.  Run 5 minutes, walk 2-3 minutes, run 5 minutes. etc.  In total we ran 2.5 miles and walked .5 miles.  He did well!  We talked some throughout.  I stressed that it’s not about speed now, but building a base of miles that you’re comfortable with.

We haven’t scheduled a 5K race yet, but I’m sure that it’ll probably be next 4-6 weeks.  I cannot wait.  He was surprised that I said that I’d run with him throughout the race.  He thought I’d be shooting for another PR.  With him in the race, it’s all about him! 

I pray that his allergies and asthma hold up and allow him to run.  I cannot wait to be a part of this journey with him.

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