Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pre-Marathon Thoughts

CowtownMy mind is racing! Visualizing everything that could go right or wrong.  I know that I should just trust my training, but this is what the whole marathon experience is about.  It’s like preparing for a big event such as a wedding.  You want to make sure that everything is perfect, but inevitably something is going to happen to make it unique.  I’m learning to embrace the uniqueness of the event.

This will be my 4th marathon.  Crazy to think that I never thought I’d say that I’d run a single marathon.  Yes, I’m hooked on this marathon experience!

So, what’s my goal!?!  Yikes, my ultimate goal would be to break 4 hours, but I don’t feel that I’ve trained well enough to achieve that one.  I do feel confident that I can beat my PR of 4:18.  I’d like to shoot for 4:10, but I’ll be extremely happy with anything below 4:18.  I’d also like to redeem myself from my White Rock Marathon times where I’ve been in the 4:30s.

The Marathon has set up Text Messaging Tracking so that you can track my progress.  You’ll usually get about 4 texts throughout the race depending on how many timing mats that have been placed on the course.

I’m liking my bib number… 531!  Some good karma in that number.

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