Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thirteen – Marathon Memories - @UltraMamaC

IMG_1873 This is a blog response to Corina’s blog of her weekly Thursday Thirteen – Marathon Memory edition.

Many times, people will say, “You’re insane, why would you ever want to run 26.2 miles!?!”  It’s like this… If and when I did sit on the couch, I would have never got to meet such inspiring people as Corina.  Make sure that you check out her blogWARNING:  You will be inspired!

My top thirteen marathon memories in no particular order…

1. As most know, my sister Denise inspired me to run a marathon.  She as well flew from Ohio to Texas and cheered me on for it.  How selfless is THAT!?!  She gave up participating in a marathon to cheer me on… that’s just crazy cool!

2. Seeing my family throughout the course.  They bring a huge smile to me face.  I appreciate all that they do in chasing me around the race course.

3. My PR in Cleveland!  I’ll always remember that awesome feeling of breaking my PR by 20 minutes.

4. Running my first marathon with my favorite running friend, Felix.  Whenever I got quiet, he would say, “Check, check!?!” to see how I was doing.  That was huge!

5. Finishing my first marathon… I wanted to quit.  Everything below my waist was in pain and I thought it’d be easier to give up.  I’m so glad that I finished. 

6. Finishing my third marathon… I wanted to quit.  Everything below my waist was in pain and I thought it’d be easier to give up.  I’m so glad that I finished. 

7. Seeing my friend Chris at the finish line of my first marathon.  He had to point and push me to the finish.  I didn’t expect to see him there.  I shared a flood of emotions with him.

8.  Meeting new friends at Marathon Meetups via Facebook or Twitter.  This is one of the greatest things about running… the awesome running community.

9. Rooting on my sister, Denise at the 2007 Dallas White Rock Marathon!  This is where I got the inspiration and passion for running.

10. The anticipation of a race:  training, eating right, and then waiting for the starter’s gun to go off on race morning. 

11.  Giving my mom a hug as I took a break at the Cleveland Marathon!  It was so awesome to have that caring, loving embrace during the race.

12. Not stopping to give my mom a hug at mile 25.  It was so great to see my Cleveland family at mile 25, but I had to finish this race and there wasn’t any stopping at that point.

13. To steal/borrow from Corina’s blog… The next marathon memory is yet to be written.  Tune in next week to find out what it is....

Pre-Marathon Thoughts

CowtownMy mind is racing! Visualizing everything that could go right or wrong.  I know that I should just trust my training, but this is what the whole marathon experience is about.  It’s like preparing for a big event such as a wedding.  You want to make sure that everything is perfect, but inevitably something is going to happen to make it unique.  I’m learning to embrace the uniqueness of the event.

This will be my 4th marathon.  Crazy to think that I never thought I’d say that I’d run a single marathon.  Yes, I’m hooked on this marathon experience!

So, what’s my goal!?!  Yikes, my ultimate goal would be to break 4 hours, but I don’t feel that I’ve trained well enough to achieve that one.  I do feel confident that I can beat my PR of 4:18.  I’d like to shoot for 4:10, but I’ll be extremely happy with anything below 4:18.  I’d also like to redeem myself from my White Rock Marathon times where I’ve been in the 4:30s.

The Marathon has set up Text Messaging Tracking so that you can track my progress.  You’ll usually get about 4 texts throughout the race depending on how many timing mats that have been placed on the course.

I’m liking my bib number… 531!  Some good karma in that number.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Come here you knucklehead!

I have been a part of a great small group for about 6 months.  It’s led by an awesome man of God that we affectionately call Coach.

Cairo and Coach As I was going through my phone today I came across this picture of my son Cairo and Coach.

It brought a tear to my eye.  A good tear!






       When I looked at the picture, I could hear Coach saying to my son, "Come here you knucklehead, I love you!"

        At the same time, I heard God say to me, "Come here you knucklehead, I love you!"

God always has his arms wide open for us.  It’s up to us to scamper over to Him.  I daily yearn for that embrace from God!