Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Wanna Be Like My Other Sisters too!

I brag on my running sister, Denise a lot, but I’ve got 2 other sisters that I love a bunch too!  GOSH!

2010-05-15 18.55.14_Elyria_Ohio_US-cropped Above is a picture from when I visited back in May.  There’s Deanna, myself, Debbie, and Denise.

Deanna is a free spirited chickie that loves her family and is proud of her boys.  She has an infectious laugh that will stick with you for days.  I wanna be like her  because she just experiences life and loves what she has.

Debbie… hmmm… who wouldn’t want to be Debbie!?!  When I think of Debbie, I think of strength, a fierce competitor, & a loving mom.  If I’m going into battle, I need to be on Debbie’s side not against her.  This girl will take you down in any competition - - WII Bowling, Shuffleboard, Racquetball, and of course, Roshambo.

Now, if I could only get Deanna & Debbie to start running!  :)

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