Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Times in San Antonio

2010-12-27 14.59.25_San Antonio_Texas_USI’m a bit late in posting this, but we had a great time in San Antonio at the beginning of the week.

My sister, Debbie and her kids, Michael and Kayla went to San Antonio for a little vacation fun.  They sure are growing up quickly! 

2010-12-27 16.20.26_San Antonio_Texas_USUrsula, the kids and I went down Monday and came back Tuesday.  Great weather on Monday for driving and the River Walk.  We definitely put in several miles walking around San Antonio.  We won’t count that part where I was trying to get us back to the hotel.  So glad that my Android phone has a GPS & Google Maps.  You’ve gotta love technology!

2010-12-27 18.00.59_San Antonio_Texas_USWe had dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the River Walk.  The food was alright, but the company was awesome!  I think Cairo drank 8 lemonades while we were there.

I used to name my own price on a hotel room and scored a great price.  We stayed at the Hotel Indigo.  It was on the River Walk and was wonderful.  I will definitely be using Priceline more often.  Check out this blog post on how to best use

We introduced Debbie and her family to the wonderful game of Pass the Pigs.  It’s an addictive game that everyone can play.  Good clean fun, darn it!

So glad that we took the drive down I-35 to see them.  It was a lot of fun!

2010-12-27 16.35.48_San Antonio_Texas_US The Debbie!

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Mark,
How come you named my mom's picture and not mine.
Just Kidding
We had a great time connecting with you.
Much Love,