Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Times in San Antonio

2010-12-27 14.59.25_San Antonio_Texas_USI’m a bit late in posting this, but we had a great time in San Antonio at the beginning of the week.

My sister, Debbie and her kids, Michael and Kayla went to San Antonio for a little vacation fun.  They sure are growing up quickly! 

2010-12-27 16.20.26_San Antonio_Texas_USUrsula, the kids and I went down Monday and came back Tuesday.  Great weather on Monday for driving and the River Walk.  We definitely put in several miles walking around San Antonio.  We won’t count that part where I was trying to get us back to the hotel.  So glad that my Android phone has a GPS & Google Maps.  You’ve gotta love technology!

2010-12-27 18.00.59_San Antonio_Texas_USWe had dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the River Walk.  The food was alright, but the company was awesome!  I think Cairo drank 8 lemonades while we were there.

I used to name my own price on a hotel room and scored a great price.  We stayed at the Hotel Indigo.  It was on the River Walk and was wonderful.  I will definitely be using Priceline more often.  Check out this blog post on how to best use

We introduced Debbie and her family to the wonderful game of Pass the Pigs.  It’s an addictive game that everyone can play.  Good clean fun, darn it!

So glad that we took the drive down I-35 to see them.  It was a lot of fun!

2010-12-27 16.35.48_San Antonio_Texas_US The Debbie!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Social Network Christmas

The virgin birth of Christ is one of the hardest stories for us to comprehend.  If Facebook was around way back then, here’s a glimpse of what it might’ve looked like.

I think the language and comments would have been a lot harsher today.  Praise God for the gift of His one and only son!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Incredible Storyteller - Story of Jonah

First of all… A shout out to my niece, Kayla up in Elyria, Ohio!  Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.

I tweeted this video a few days ago, but had to throw it up on my blog.  I wish that I had as much of a   storytelling ability as this youngster!  She must really love this story, because it would be too difficult to read it and then express it as well as she does.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Wanna Be Like My Other Sisters too!

I brag on my running sister, Denise a lot, but I’ve got 2 other sisters that I love a bunch too!  GOSH!

2010-05-15 18.55.14_Elyria_Ohio_US-cropped Above is a picture from when I visited back in May.  There’s Deanna, myself, Debbie, and Denise.

Deanna is a free spirited chickie that loves her family and is proud of her boys.  She has an infectious laugh that will stick with you for days.  I wanna be like her  because she just experiences life and loves what she has.

Debbie… hmmm… who wouldn’t want to be Debbie!?!  When I think of Debbie, I think of strength, a fierce competitor, & a loving mom.  If I’m going into battle, I need to be on Debbie’s side not against her.  This girl will take you down in any competition - - WII Bowling, Shuffleboard, Racquetball, and of course, Roshambo.

Now, if I could only get Deanna & Debbie to start running!  :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marathon Finish Video

Thanks to for capturing video of the Marathon Finish from Sunday’s White Rock Marathon.  Too cool to see me finishing and hear my name.

Fast forward the video to 15:45.  I’ll be on the far right of the screen in a grey shirt and black shorts.

I really felt like I was going faster than it looks.  They must have slowed the video down.  :)

You can check out more Marathon Videos here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Wanna Be Like My Sister!


My sister has such a positive attitude that I’d like to be like her!  Here I’m striking a pose like her at the beginning of the Dallas White Rock Marathon.

Marathon #3 – White Rock Recap

I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, but I’m SMILING! I could beat myself up over my time, and how I walked more than I wanted to, but it doesn’t matter!  I saw so many runners out there overcoming physical challenges that my time really doesn’t matter.  Sure I’ll try again and gain to get faster and stronger, but the time is not going to be the only way to determine the success of a race.

It’s all about the entire race experience! Here’s my race experience recap…

A week leading up to the marathon, I have nothing but anticipation and excitement.  I cannot think of anything much but the race and what’s going to happen.  With 24 weeks of training leading up to the big event, I think of it as planning for a wedding, except there’s no frilly dress. 

Again, I like to consider the whole experience, because if I wasn’t running… I’d still be sitting on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons and not much of anything else.

TweetUp Lunch-4 On Saturday afternoon, I had an awesome lunch with friends that I met through running.  A few friends I made through the Dallas Running Club and others through Twitter.  We had lunch at All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum.  I brought Briana along so that she could check out something other than the normal chain restaurants that are up in Frisco.

Briana and I had a fun time at the Expo.  Although it was crazy packed!  I wish there was a little more room to walk around or just stop to check something out.  It always seemed like you were in someone’s way.

Now for the race recap…

2010-12-05 06.56.31_Dallas_Texas_US It was definitely colder than I like, but I dressed appropriately.  I was more worried about my cheering section.  Thanks to Ursula, Briana & Cairo for following me all over Dallas!  You guys really provided the motivation for me as I was getting near the end.  Also, it was great to ditch the belt toward the end.

We got down to Fair Park extra early at about 6:20am.  Stayed in the car for a little bit and then waited in the Automotive building.  We were able to grab a table and chill until it was time to walk over.  It was great to see Brandon (FT Developer) and his wife, Autumn before the race.  They were both running the Half Marathon.

Before the race, I had 2 goals… beat my previous Marathon time of 4:18:48… I certainly thought that’d I’d be able to achieve that time.  My bigger goal was to finish between 4:00 and 4:10.  I thought these goals were attainable as my training was good and my Half Marathon time showed that I was capable of running that fast per the

I started out right behind the 4:00 pace group.  I wanted to run an even pace throughout the race and thought I could hang with them.  After running a few miles with them it seemed like they were ahead of a 4:00 pace.  I slowed to a comfortable 9:30min/mile pace.  I figured that I surely could hold that pace.

I was suppose to see Ursula and the kids at mile 7.5, but they called after I passed and said they missed me.  However, I did get to see one of the soccer moms from Briana’s team.  It was great to see Margaret out there!

Urs and the kids surprised me at mile 11.  Originally they were going to go onto the 2nd viewing location at mile 14.  I was feeling great at that time.  Hugs for and from the family – great feeling to have their support.

I next got to see my family at about mile 15.  I was still feeling good at this point.  :)

At mile 18, I got to see my boss, Scott.  It’s so cool that he came out last year and this year to see me run.  I told him that I was starting to feel the toll of the race on my legs.  He gave some encouraging words and I was back out there.

IMGP1243 I saw my family one last time on the course at mile 20.  My legs were so darn heavy & achy at this point.  I ditched my water belt and got rid of the long sleeve shirt.  I felt so much lighter.  However, my legs didn’t.

At mile 23, I got to see some running friends that were cheering everyone on.  So cool to see them!  Thanks to Corina, Running Couple (Lee & Isis), Mel, & Kris.

The last 4 miles were very tough for me.  I long ago gave up my first 2 goals of time and just wanted to finish the marathon.  As mentioned before, I gave into walking more than I wanted to, but I didn’t give into quitting.

As I finished the race, I gave it all I had as I sped across the finish line.  It was cool to hear my name called as I finished.  I finished with a time of 4:36:10.  A consolation prize was that I beat last year’s White Rock Marathon race by a couple of minutes.  Afterward, I joked that I liked the Cleveland Marathon much better since I ran it in 4:18.  Hmmm… maybe I’ll be going back to Cleveland.

All in all, I enjoyed the race experience! I didn’t get the time that I wanted, but everything else was awesome with family and friends!