Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is God Trying to Tell You?

RoadRageWhenever God is talking to me, I hear what he’s trying to tell me multiple times in multiple ways.  Huh?  The same message is repeated several times, by different sources.  I could hear it from a sermon at church, a news story on the radio, from a friend, or first hand experience.

Sunday at church, Pastor John was talking about road rage and how we need to check ourselves.

Monday morning, I was right… he was wrong.  Did I really need to be right and prove it?  Probably not, but I made my point and I didn’t need to.

I was on my way to work on Monday morning at O’dark thirty motoring at a good pace. I’m coming up to I-35 on 121 where 2 lanes merge down to 1 lane.  You know the story… The guy behind me decides that it would be better to be in front of me, so he gets into the right lane; the lane that’s going to end.  He speeds up, but doesn’t get in front of me.  He could of easily got back behind me, but he really wanted that coveted “in front of Mark Lindsley” spot.

He accelerates even faster and finally shows his true intention.  Once I finally let him in, he let me know who was number ONE.  I, flashed my high beam lights to dispute the claim.  He reemphasized his point.  It was at this point, that I’m snapped back to reality wondering why am I’m doing this… pride, ego, etc.  Well, things were escalating and he’s inviting me to pass him so that he can truly express himself.

Seeing how there were 2 people in his car and his “friendly” gestures were getting out of hand, I decided to duck off the highway sooner than I needed to.  I was hoping to avoid becoming a statistic.

Wednesday, on the way to White Rock Lake, I needed to get over a lane and none of my friendly drivers were letting me over.  Finally, I thought there was a gap large enough to get over, but that car sped up to not let me in.  I was able to get in after them and what did I see on the back of their car… yep, a fish!?!  Brother, dude, couldn’t you let me in?  Go figure, huh?  This was God really talking to me… I was that same person a couple of days ago.

Thursday on the radio, I heard that DFW was second behind New York City as one of the top of the Road Rage List.  That’s not a list that we should be too proud of.  No wonder, I’m not crazy on having my 16 year old out there driving.

All of this is a message to me… it starts with me.  I need to slow down, drive comfortably, and just don’t care about people getting in front of me.  Ego or no ego, it’s just not worth it.

What is God trying to tell you?

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