Thursday, October 21, 2010


Mark-Urs1991Today marks the twentieth year that Ursula and I have been married!  20 years is such an awesome milestone, but I consider each year as a milestone of its own. 

A healthy marriage takes a lot of work, patience, and most importantly, God!  Without God, we would not have made it this far if I just depended on my own wisdom.  God has always nudged me to do the right thing when it comes to understanding how to love Ursula.  Have I always listened? …no.  However, the times that I have really listened, I know for a fact that our marriage has been strengthened by listening to Him and not myself.

I thank God for bringing Ursula and I together.  I have been so blessed!

I just love this song from Tony Toni Tone – it’s back from our hay day!  It’s a perfect blend of both of us.


bperser said...

Congratulations!!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!
Praise God!

Joanbayonne's Blog said...

Congratulations, Mark and Ursula! It will be 20 years for me next month. Patience and humor are key to a good marriage. :)