Monday, June 14, 2010

Ursula Graduates!

I’m so proud of Ursula! She has put in 1500 hours in her pursuit of working in the cosmetology career field.  She graduated from Paul Mitchell schools in Carrollton.  Actually… she’s done with school on July 3rd, but they have the graduation ceremony before you’re done.

IMG_5913The graduation ceremony was Saturday night and was a blast!  They had a fashion runway show with a bunch of IMG_5881cool hairdos!  Ursula actually got up and said a few words recognizing her teachers and the family.  Her dad would be proud of her speech.

IMG_5919 Here’s a picture of the proud family.  Uh oh, Cairo is getting close to my height.

Sooooooo… if you need your hair did, I mean done, give Ursula a call, e-mail, or a text.  She doesn’t do Twitter, but I’m trying to coerce her onto Facebook.  She does a fantastic job!  She’s been cutting my hair for close to 20 years.

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