Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Do We Live Daily?

As some know, I’ve been transitioning to a different church near our home. There are a lot of different reasons why I chose to move to a new church home, however that’s not the reason of this post.

The main reason of this post is a message that was given at Hope Fellowship.  I really appreciate how Pastor John relates so well to where I am when he’s teaching.  Actually, I think he relates to everyone very well.

John stresses that we are not to go out and sin throughout the week and then expect to come back to church on Sunday and be redeemed by him.

After he said this, I leaned over to Briana and told her that he nailed it!  He really did!  This is how so many Christians go through their lives including myself.  I’m TRYING to live my life with Christ driving my actions & motives throughout the week.  However, it’s definitely a challenge, but I know that it’s achievable.  It’s achievable by getting it into His word daily and getting on your knees daily.  I cannot do it without Him!

Click here, to download the entire message.

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