Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trail Running with Denise

2010-05-18 11.08.51_Sagamore Hills_Ohio_US-cropped Went on my first trail run with Denise in Nowhere, Ohio.  It was somewhere, but off of the GPS grid.  Ok, it was actually Peninsula, Ohio.  The rain let up for us, but it was pretty damp on the trail which made it pretty slippery and muddy.

Denise had fun laughing at me as I tried to keep my footing with my no grip street running shoes.  I’m glad that I didn’t fall.  :)

It was the first run after running the marathon a couple of days ago.  Logged about 4.5 miles on the trails.

Here’s where we were checking out a scenic waterfall.  One of Denise’s favorite location.

About to cross stream, however, I chose to turnaround since we already ran a couple of miles.  That was enough after running in a marathon a couple of days ago.

Nice set of stairs in the middle of the trail run.

All in all, I had a great time running on the trails with Denise.  I guess I should have been worried though when I found out that the trails were located next to some ski slopes.

I cannot believe that this is the set of trails that Denise runs in a 50K race.  Yikes! 

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