Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pace Leading in a Skirt

I had a great time on Sunday, pace leading in a running skirt.  It was a crazy good time!  It was my first time pace leading for a race.  It was also definitely my first time running in a skirt! :)

Group Photo-croppedI paced for the 2:20 Half Marathon group.  We had a great group of ladies hanging out with us. It was so cool to see the first time Half Marathoners out there.  I still remember my first half marathonI ran it with my sister.  It was great to have her there for me.  I wanted to be able to pass on the same inspiration and encouragement that she provided me.

We got a lot of great photos out there.  Seems like everywhere we walked people wanted to take pictures of the men in skirts.  Go figure!  Check out pictures that I took on FacebookYou don’t need a Facebook account to see them.

It was cool to see some of the ladies from work: Erin, Coly, & Suzie.  I think they wanted to get some blackmail pictures.  They said that I looked too comfortable in that skirt.

Looking forward to the Cleveland Marathon in about 10 days.  CANNOT WAIT!


Ashley said...

Congrats Mark! You won the Gu Giveaway over at Getting Stronger, Burning Fat! Email me your address and I'll send them out! I am also throwing in a 2010 running log from runners world!

bperser said...

Would you ask Erin, Coly and Suzie to come by my desk with said photos?

Tricia said...

After seeing those legs, I HAVE to follow your blog :)